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Pandit Manish Sharma

PHD. in Astrology | LLB Hons | M.B.A (Marketing) | M.A (English) | B.Sc (Maths)

(Member of Indian Institute of Astrology and Occultism)

Pandit Manish Sharma is a world-renowned Astrologer from Mhow, India. He was born into a traditional Hindu family of illustrious astrologers where the practice of Astrology has been passed from father to son for centuries. The Sharma family have been keepers of that knowledge for many generations, and , as is the custom, Manish began to receive training from his father while still a young boy. Because the application of Astrological principals is deeply embedded in the customs and rituals of village life, education in the subject was as much a way of life as a focus of study.

Thus Manish, like many before him, learned Astrology both as a science involving mathematics and the application of numerous laws and principles, as well as a style of thinking which holds tantamount the premise that all life is sacred and connected to an organic whole.

The spiritual orientation of Astrology has remained since its inception, and the tradition maintains an unbroken connection to its origins in the divinely inspired Vedic scriptures which address and integrate all branches of nowledge known to mankind.

Manish had a deep interest in spiritual life, and desire for greater experience and understanding led him to seek out many Saints and Sages in India. Thus began a long association with both unknown sadhus as well as many of the most revered spiritual leaders of our time.

He holds a Post Graduate degree in business management and English literature and has traveled widely throughout the world in his capacity as an astrological advisor to the many. Today, he has a busy practice in the Indore area where he is consulted by people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Manish is a celebrated writer, consultant and advisor and has traveled widely across the country in his capacity as a teacher and lecturer. and a great benefactor to the cause of bringing together peoples of all race and creeds in a in a celebration of the intelligence and unity governing all life.

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106/B, Industry House, A.B. Road, Indore, M.P., India

+91 - 982 608 3575