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Mole that is on the right side of the forehead or on the right temple signifies that the person will arrive at sudden wealth and honour, especially after 35 years of age and will be a known person .

A mole on the right eyebrow announces speedy marriage, and the married partner will possess many good qualities and a good fortune.

A mole on the left on either two places mentioned above announces unexpected disappointment in the most of the business undertakings.

A mole on the outside corner of the either eye denotes the person to be of a sober, steady, and good disposition, but will be liable to a violent death.

A mole on the either cheek signifies that the person shall never rise above mediocrity in the point of fortune, though at the same time he will never fall into real poverty.

A mole on the nose shows that the person will have good success in most of his or her undertakings.

A mole on the lip either upper or lower proves the person to be fond of delicate things in the life, will live long and will be much given to the pleasure of love and will be commonly successful in all the undertakings.

A mole on the chin foreshows the person will be attended by prosperity and will have a large number of good friends.

A mole on the side of the neck shows that the person will narrowly escape suffocation, or from a major accident, but will afterward rise to a great level in life., and will have unexpected legacy or inheritance.

A mole on the throat denotes that the person shall become rich by marriage.

A mole on the right breast declares the person to be exposed to a sudden reverse from comfort to distress, by unavoidable accidents. Most of the children will be girls and live long.

A mole on the left breast signifies success in business undertakings but of a violent temperament.

A mole under the left breast, over the heart, foreshows that the man will be of a warm disposition, unsettled in mind, fond of gambling and will be careless and over confident. If a lady sincere in love, quick conception, and will have few good children.

A mole on the right side over any part of the ribs, denotes a person to be miserly in spending, quick witted and short tempered.

A mole on the right thigh denotes that the person will become rich after 41st year of his life and will have a good and successful marriage.

A mole on the left thigh denotes the person has less friends, and works hard till 39 years of life.

A mole on the right knee signifies that the person will be fortunate in the choice of the marriage partner, and meet with few disappointments in life.

A mole on the left knee foretells that the person will be rash, inconsiderate and hasty; but modest when in cold blood, honest, and inclined to good behaviour.

A mole on either leg shows that the person is thoughtless, and indifferent as to whatever may happen.

A mole on the either ankle denotes a man to be inclined to good dressing sense and if a lady she be courageous, active and industrious , but little short tempered.

A mole on either foot forebodes sudden illness or unexpected misfortune.

A mole on the right shoulder signifies discretion, secrecy and wisdom.

A mole on the left shoulder signifies stubborness, and ungovernable person.

A mole on the right arm denotes vigour and undaunted courage.

A mole on the left arm denotes victory in the battles and success in money matters.

A mole near either elbow declares restlessness, a roving and unsteady temper.

A mole against the heart denotes wickedness and cunningness.

If a woman have a mole on her right knee she will be honest, if on the left she will have many children.

A mole on the chin signifies riches.

A mole on the ear denotes riches and respect.

A mole on the cheek promises riches.

If either in a man or woman's hand a mole appears, it denotes great prosperity and enjoyment of children.

A mole on the stomach of a person denotes luxury.

A mole on the lower tip of right ear denotes drowning.

A mole on the right foot denotes wisdom, and on left foot denotes danger by rash actions.

A mole on the each side of the neck shows illness in the later half of the life.

A mole near either side of chin, shows an amiable disposition, industrious, successful in life, and many friends.