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Dear Panditji,
I am worried about my husband. He loves books, he loves nature, he loves music and he loves everyone. I am so possessive about him. Sometimes I feel that there is other woman in his life., and i love him. Tell me what to do. Everytime he talks to someone i am in pain. Is this the love, when i will be fine astrologically? I think my love is not pure not complete otherwise this would not have happened and these days i am away from him. what do i do

I will not mention your name here, and astrology has nothing to do with your question.

It is good that you understand that your love is not complete, not pure as it should be. This shows that you are aware of yourself. It means that you can go more deep and you can explore yourself. and by exploring yourself you will discover yourself and you can make your love more deep more undconditional. I want your love to expand.

Do not try to make love a relationship. Love as a relationship is always superficial and cheap.

To love a person is only to have a relationship, and in relationships people get possessive and then the suffocation begins. And that is what has happened to your love. you are getting possessive which brings pain.

This very question "love only me .... " then what you are going to do when you are out in the world. you will have to be alert not to show your love to anybody.

Even if you are a lover of books that is enough for your wife or husband to create trouble for you. When he or she is present you cannot read . In fact if you really want to love your man or woman you will have to be loving towards everybody you meet. you have to keep loving the nature, the sunrise the small but important things in life then only you will be able to love.

Love cannot be made a relationship, love is a state of being. you should be a loving person ., love your friends, love your books, love yourself. In all these things your love is going to expand. love is the breathing of your soul.

so do not be jealous, do not prevent anybody and do not try to monopalize love. there are somethings in the life which can not be monopolized.

love is a bird., keep it free do not try to monopolize it or it will die. That is why everybody says "i love you" and there seems to be no love anywhere.

To be in love is to be with the existence, to be soft to be receptive.

I used to sit by the river in my village, under a small tree. I used to sit there for hours , in the evenings in the nights and during the day time. Tree and I became friends and one day one of the persons told me that he heard i was telling people that there is a possiblity of communication between man and trees. I told him yes and he was angry he ordered me that I should not spread strange ideas for which i do not have proof.

I took him with me one day on a full moon night and I asked him to touch the tree and tell me how it feels. He told me it was cold after touching it. Then i said to the tree that it is a matter of your friend's word, i want you to be warm when this person puts his hands on you , show warmth and do not be cold. The person said that I was talking to a tree and I was crazy. I told him there is no harm in trying again and when he put the hand on the tree it was warm and it was a cold night.
He said to me that now I had got him into trouble as everybody thought that I was little crazy but now what about him. He told me that he could not believe it but as he had an experience there was no other way except to believe it.

All you need in this is more openess, more softness, more receptivity. That is what happens in love., you are more open and you are more receptive .,
The basic reason is you have not allowed the love freedom and as a result you have now a hypocritical kind of love . It says I love you because it has to be said; otherwise there is problem.

To avoid the trouble the husband says " I love you" the wife says " I love you" but the shine in the eyes is absent, there is no gleam in the eyes., heart does not beats faster, and the aroma of love is absent. Do not allow your love to be dead. Love gives freedom and the more freedom love gives the more loving the person becomes.

And I understand your question. I know love has many layers the biological, the social the spiritual. For ages we are told that either we love this world or we love the world beyond. we cannot have both together.

I do not believe in this teaching, to me the world beyond and this world are not seperated they are the one. In love there is no logic, no mathematics. stop thinking in terms of mathematics. In mathematics the part can never be as big as whole. but in life., part can become whole. when a drop of water disappears in the ocean , do you think it remains as a drop , or do you think it is smaller than ocean. The moment it slips in the ocean it becomes ocean. the part and the whole are one. love is the art of being whole.

your husband is simply a first taste, he is not a hindrance. If you love god and your love towards your husband disappears, then that love is not true and you cannot be certain about your love towards god.

Remember love is born with you , it is your basic self all you need is to let it flow., but you are blocking it ., you are holding it back you are so miserly about love because you have been taught a practical economics of life. suppose you have money and you go on giving it ., one day you will be left with nothing, by giving moeny you will lose it. This economics has entered into your blood, into your mind. It is true about the outside world but it is not true about love.

Here in love totally different economics work., the more you give it the more you have and and the less you give the less you have it. If you do not give it at all you will become stagnant. You will lose your natural qualitites.

Love is like a musician., if he goes on playing his guitar or his flute more and more music will come. it is not by playing music musician is losing music.
such is love, share it. in the begining it will come like dew drops because the miserliness has been very long, but once the dew drops of of love have been shared you will soon become capable of of sharing the whole oceanic flood of your love your being.

Once you are aware of higher economics the economics of life., you will find that just by giving you gain, in the very process of giving you become rich. You often ask me do i have any practical suggestions. ? Practical suggestions ===== no that is not my business at all. Impractical suggestions yes and many.

I do not believe in light. You believe in something you do not know. I see light. I feel light. similarly I do not believe in love., I live in love ., I feel it.
someone seeking love with practical knowledge is someone trying to find sun with the help of a lamp.

Relationship means something complete, finished, closed. Love is never a relationship; love is relating. It is always a river, flowing, unending. Love knows no full stop; the honeymoon begins, but never ends. It is not like a novel that starts at a certain point and ends at a certain point. It is an ongoing phenomenon. Lovers end, love continues. It is a continuum. It is a verb, not a noun."
Life full of love is not static; it is vibrant. There's a breeziness of freedom in love. Such love knows no bounds, no misery. It is all joy and bliss.